Oodles Assistance
Setting Up

It’s really easy to set up the Oodles educational software and we’re happy for you to do it yourself, or give you a hand. Using our easy wizard, it is a case of dragging and dropping boxes to build your Matrix, and then using the permissions section to structure ‘who see’s what’.
Yes, Oodles has partnered with WONDE to allow for easy integration with all of the major school MIS systems.
Yes, we’ll start with a blank sheet of paper and build your matrix from the ground up. As well as choosing your Zones and Topics, you’ll be able to pick colours and the specific language etc, you want to put in, to make sure the Matrix reflects the work you are already doing in your school.
Yes, absolutely, we have created a few Matrix examples to help you when thinking about mapping your own school Matrix. Just send a note to ‘hello@oodles.education’ and we’ll send some over.
There is no limit, you can have as many as you like, making sure each key area of your school is represented. If you want us to guide you through the process, we’ll make suggestions as to how many work well; as Oodles works on all devices, it is important that it all fits nicely onto a mobile screen too.
Yes, there are no limitations – simply go back to the wizard, and click-and-drag a new box into your Matrix.
Yes, using the permissions area, it is possible to allow the students to see new boxes each year. This enables you to keep the students engaged, as they will feel the programme grows with them.
Yes, through the permissions area, you can set it to enable different pupils to see different Zones and Topics, this allows for customisation such as boys seeing only things that relate to the boys sports teams, or music scholars having more areas to explore within music.
Yes, alongside the on-screen dashboard there is a module that allows you to generate reports. Just work your way through the wizard to customise your report. Easily create both overview and full detailed reports on any groups of students using the system.
Not long at all. Typically it takes anything from 15 seconds to a minute to log an achievement, depending on how detailed you make it.
To ensure accuracy, there is an optional ‘verification’ system for teachers to use. This enables quick-click verification of any student achievement. The list of achievements for each student provides a highly valuable transcript for any tutoring conversation. Teachers and tutors can either verify individual achievements or, if time is short, verify them all with a single click.
No – we have decided to omit this functionality as Oodles is about celebrating individual success, rather than pupils comparing their profile with others. Oodles is a celebration of each pupil exploring and engaging with school in their own unique way.