What is Oodles?

Oodles is an educational app, created for tracking and celebrating non academic pupil development – it is designed to aid teachers in quickly rewarding and incentivising pupils to become well-rounded, successful individuals.

By logging and celebrating each pupil’s co-curricular progress in a fun and interactive way, Oodles gives both the teacher and pupil a lasting memory of everything that is being achieved each week, month and term. The school can then use this performance data to form a fascinating and invaluable overview of each pupil, team, year group, or the entire school.

…And this is just the start…


A Unique Learning Platform

Oodles is centred around each pupil’s unique ‘Personal Matrix’. This is a graphical jigsaw puzzle, split into different co-curricular areas offered by the school. By exploring each area, the pupil ‘lights-up’ the pieces of their jigsaw puzzle (Personal Matrix). This clearly shows them which areas they are engaging with, as well as what is still left to explore.

As a teacher, you can see the progress of each individual student and more – custom groups can be tracked and even the progress of the entire school can be viewed.

The Performance Matrix is split into Zones, Themes and Topics. Alongside the built-in Zones, the school can also create their own custom Zones.

Celebrate Success – Variety, Points & Awards

Just like a game, Oodles utilises many engaging reward systems – for example, Points and a Variety Score are awarded for interacting with the different areas on offer by the school. When combining the Variety Score and Points, a 3D image of each student is formed, clearly showing the breadth and depth of a pupil’s engagement – all displayed in a fun graphical dashboard called the ‘Performance Overview’.

Oodles makes learning more exciting for both the student and teacher, whilst creating an amazingly detailed picture of the co-curricular progress within the school.

Visualise Progression – Fun, Graphical Data

Enjoy a detailed graphical overview of the breadth and depth of co-curricular learning in your school. View graphical data from any group of your choice – this could be the entire school, a specific year, an individual student, or a bespoke group.

Excellent Features – Simple & Fun

Oodles is packed full of features and functions to make learning fun for both the student and teacher.

Performance Matrix

Each student’s personal progress is tracked via their very own Performance Matrix with blocks that ‘light up’ as Topics are completed. The Performance Matrix is central to everything, but it’s still only one of the many great features that Oodles has to offer!

Variety Score, Points, Awards & More

The system provides many ways to track and celebrate success. Points, Variety Score, Awards and much more can all be collected, enabling each student or team member the freedom to excel in their chosen areas. You will soon be celebrating on a daily basis!

Performance Overview

Enjoy an exciting visual display of the progress being made by each student, their teams and the entire school. Increase the Variety Score, Points and Awards collected each week whilst always aiming for the next Level!

Sports Training Tools

The built-in sports training tools are great for tracking progress and helping to push athletes to optimum performance. If you thrive on celebrating progress then these tools provide the perfect pitch-side training buddy.

Individual Feedback

Teachers are able to give individual feedback to each student after they have complete something. This is a great way to leave notes when they are fresh in the mind.

Individual Accounts

Each student, teacher and parent is able to have their very own secure login to the system, enabling students to track personal progress and teachers to both track and administrate progress.

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